Meet Danielle. She's a Scorpio

Danielle's birthday is October 27th which makes her a Scorpio.  She's serene yet with a quiet intensity to her.  She's definitely mysterious and has a depth to her that simmers and sizzles.  Most men love her.  Many women are intimidated by her. 

She's intuitive and can see right through people.  Danielle's the one friend that you can share your inner most fears and deepest desires with. She won't judge you and she can keep a secret like there's no tomorrow.


Meet Danielle. She's a Scorpio.Danielle is a classic Scorpio. Often misunderstood while she walks the line between the depths of her emotions most can't comprehend.  Like all people, Danielle also needs a safe space to fully express her powerful emotions.  And if she doesn't feel that, she may retaliate with jealousy or possessiveness. If she really feels wronged, Danielle may whip out her stinger for touch of Scorpio vengeance.

So if Danielle is upset, give her the shoulder to cry on or a good night out to vent and get the goblins out of her head and heart. Danielle and all Scorpio Sun, Rising and Moon Signs possess Pluto's deep and transformational power to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of their latest __________(fill in the blank) gone wrong. Danielle can transform herself and her life, over and over again if she needs, or simply if decides she wants to.

Scorpio Birthstone

For the Danielle in your life, buy her anything in Citrine or Topaz.

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