Meet Lola. She's an Aries.

Meet Lola.  Lola's birthday is April 11 which makes her an Aries.  She's full of passion, she’s a powerhouse and she argues like it's a sport.

As an Aries, Lola feels like she knows it all and definitely doesn't like to be told what to do.  Let Lola think it's her idea and you've figured out the key to getting any Aries to do what you want them to. 

Meet Lola. She's an Aries.

Lola's forging new frontiers where others fear to tread.  Never one to back down from any challenge, Lola faces her fears and bounces back from the toughest times stronger than before.  She can be impulsive and speak before thinking. But she's also honest enough with herself that she will apologize for any hurt feelings caused by her blunt delivery. 

Lola loves anything new and sees life's greatest challenge as her next adventure.

Lola's the one that inspires you most.  And she’ll have your back when you need her most.  Loyal to the end, Lola will only leave a friendship when the negativity is more than even she wants to deal with.


Lola's motto is 'I Am' and having Mars as her ruling planet makes her the inspired action-taker and frontier-forger of all the signs.  Either experience or life's school of hard knocks will eventually teach the Lola in your life to follow through on a few of those great ideas running through their head.

DiamondLola’s birthstone is the diamond and she loves receiving them in any size and any shape.  If Lola’s your best friend, sister or Mother-in-law, you’ll never go wrong giving her a diamond - it will rock her world.

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