Cancer Zodiac Jewelry Birthstone Collection

If you are a Cancer, you are sensitive, caring and protective by nature.  In times of need, you'll play the Mother to nurture anyone you love back to a happy place again.

You can't help yourself, because having the Moon as your ruling planet, your feelings and emotions run deep.  Sometimes so much so that you may have to retreat from the world and nurture yourself from the inside out.  That doesn't make you cold or unfeeling, it's just your way of taking care of yourself before you're ready to come out and play again.  

As much as you can be protective and sympathetic to your friends, you also need to be needed. Your desire to feel fulfilled comes from your emotional foundation of sensitivity to others emotions, which are almost as powerful as your own. When you are feeling great, you can be a barrel of laughs and ready for a good time. As a Cancer, you are one of the most well-intentioned friends anyone can have, so make sure your BFF knows that you're walking the tight rope of between your emotions, and those around you.

RubyWear your Cancer birthstone Rubies to help ground those emotions for smoother sailing.

Be sure to read the Rising and Moon Signs for your BFF's to better understand what goes into making them who they are and why you adore them.

Cancer: Your Birthstone (June 21 - July 22) - Pearl/Ruby is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, promote emotional balance and harmony, and stimulate creativity and inspiration. It is also said to support fertility and childbirth, relieve menstrual problems, and help with digestive and reproductive issues. I use natural ruby and freshwater pearls in my Cancer birthstone collections.

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