Aquarius Birthstone Necklace
Aquarius Birthstone Necklace

Aquarius Birthstone Necklace

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Your new birthstone necklace is hand-crafted with a natural Amethyst gemstone pendant on a delicate 14k gold filled chain. Make it your signature necklace, layer it up or buy it for the Aquarius in your life.

Natural Gemstone Pendant
14k Gold Filled Delicate Chain - 16" Length
Handmade in the USA
As an Aquarius, you can get genius-like inspiration at sudden and unexpected moments. This won’t surprise you, as you’re probably used to ideas popping into your head all the time. And, more than likely, these ideas are not your everyday ho-hum ideas. Aquarius girls like to be unique, can be very spontaneous and are usually up for a good time. Aquarians also love to be of service and contribute at a Humanitarian level of life.

· Birthstone: Aquarius
·Motto: I Serve
·Chakra: Third Eye Chakra · Planet: Uranus
· Flower: Orchid
· Element: Air· Body: Bioelectrical System