Paper Clip Chain Necklace | Cancer Birthstone

Paper Clip Chain Necklace | Cancer Birthstone

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  • Natural Freshwater Pearls 
  • 15" Gold Filled Paper Clip Chain
  • 14k Gold Filled Accents
  • Handmade in US

Your new Cancer birthstone necklace made with natural freshwater Pearls resonate through the Emotional Body for increased awareness of your feelings and emotions. 

As a Cancer, you are ruled by the Moon and that gives you the greatest receptivity of emotions of all the Zodiac signs. This ability makes you sensitive and compassionate to others, but it can also become a little overwhelming at times, and that’s when you’ll clam up. 

This is when you need a little self-soothing to process your emotions. Just be sure to let your girl friends know you need some time to nurture yourself before you’re ready to come out and play again. Cancer girls make great mothers, and nurturers of every kind. Full of compassion, you make a great friend and will give gentle advice when needed. 

Because you are so sensitive and receptive, be sure to wear you Cancer birthstone jewelry to more easily move through the emotional ups and downs of life without getting stuck and weighed down by past hurts and disappointments. Emotions are here to help us experience our lives more fully and to learn what we came here to learn in order to grow and expand into our greater selves. 


  • Birthstone: Cancer 
  • Motto: I Feel 
  • Chakra: Emotional Body 
  • Planet: Moon 
  • Day: Monday 
  • Flower: White Rose 
  • Element: Water
  • Body: Reproductive System/Breasts