Libra Zodiac Jewelry Birthstone Collection

If you're a Libra, your desire for inner balance is pursued by avoiding conflict and confrontation, sometimes at all costs. However, you're one of the few zodiac signs that can see both sides of any story, allowing you to be one of the most non-judgemental people. 

However, Libras aren't all sugar because there some spice with you as well. You are capable of swinging to the other side of the scales and start swinging that 'bitch stick' you've got tucked away for just those moments.

Most Libras are very charming, polite and gracious, so even if you think someone is in the wrong, you may not say so. Peace and harmony are absolute necessities for Libras - especially in their home.

A great lover of the arts, Libra's love beauty in every form. Your ruling planet is Venus, making you appreciate the finer things in life with a refined eye for details. You love to create a beautiful home, entertain and enjoy an elevated palette for life.

You can be a great friend, loyal, fair and fun to be around.  You love love and you want everyone around you to be happy.  You will stand up for the underdog in any situation you deem to be unfair.  As a friend, you'll be there when your BFF needs you the most and you can be a great listener.

Your biggest weakness is getting a little lazy at times and you've been known to over-indulge in pleasurable pursuits.  But hey, you need someone to binge-watch Netflix with.

Libra BirthstoneLibra's love for Opals or Pink Tourmaline are the go-to gift for any Libra in your life, and she'll love them and you eternally for it.

Be sure to read the Rising and Moon Signs for your BFF's to better understand what goes into making them who they are and why you adore them.

 Libra: Your Birthstone (September 23 - October 22) - Tourmaline/Opal is believed to enhance love and passion, promote balance and harmony, and stimulate creativity and inspiration. It is also said to support the immune system, improve digestion, and help with skin and eye problems. I use natural pink tourmaline in my Libra birthstone collections.

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