Birthstone Charm | Virgo

Birthstone Charm | Virgo

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  • Natural Blue Kyanite Gemstones
  • 14k Gold Filled Accents
  • Measures .75" wide by 1" long
  • Handmade in US

Your new birthstone charm is hand made with three beautifully faceted kyanite gemstones and gold filled accents. The charm bail opens up so you can add more charms to it.

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Sapphires and all natural blue gemstones resonate through the Throat Chakra for increased focus, mental clarity and clear expression.

Virgos love details, and sharing information with the precision of the critical thinker that you are.

As a Virgo, you love to read and accumulate knowledge for that one day you may need it. Virgos make great teachers and healers, and you can be the person at the party discussing every subject under the sun. You can also be a bit too serious at times, with a hint of being overly critical, which can get on your girlfriend’s nerves every now and then.

Your skill for being detailed, organized, and thorough also makes you a great help when your bestie needs to clean out and organize her messy closet. You also love justice and the nitty gritty details of any juicy story. 
If you want to balance your quit wit and your sharp tongue for optimal and clear expression, wear your Virgo birthstone jewelry and become the great communicator, educator and best friend any girl would want to have.
    • Birthstone: Virgo 
    • Motto: I Analyze 
    • Chakra: Throat Chakra 
    • Planet: Mercury 
    • Day: Wednesday 
    • Flower: Morning Glory 
    • Element: Earth 
    • Body: Digestion/Stomach