Astrology Coin Necklace | Libra - 22"

Astrology Coin Necklace | Libra - 22"

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  • Natural Pink Tourmaline Gemstones
  • 1" Diam. Gold Plated over Stainless Steel Coin Pendant
  • 22" Gold Plated Chunky Rolo Chain
  • 14k Gold Filled Accents
  • Handmade in US

Your new Libra Astrology Coin necklace is handmade with Pink Tourmaline and resonates through the Higher Heart Chakra for an increased connection to the Universal frequency of Love.

All Libras love love. Libras are also one of the most fair-minded people you will find and will fight for the underdog if they feel injustice has been served. You will listen to your best friend’s latest upset for hours if need be.

As a Libra, you appreciate the finer things in life and creating a harmonious and beautiful home is important to you. Libras are fun, sociable and make great friends.

Libras desire for balance is so great, they will do their very best avoid confrontation at all costs. As a Libra, if you want to feel centered and balanced from the inside out, be sure to wear you Libra birthstone jewelry to support your love for life, fairness and balance. 


  • Birthstone: Libra 
  • Motto: I Balance 
  • Chakra: Higher Heart Chakra 
  • Planet: Venus 
  • Day: Friday
  • Flower: Rose 
  • Element: Air 
  • Body: Endocrine/Kidneys